Scott handicraft Premium Nautical Handcrafted 20" White Wooden Ship Wheel

$169 $200

White Ship Wheel Nautical Hand Crafted Wooden Premium Ship's Wheel!

20" White Shipwheel exclusively by Scott Handicraft.

The Exclusive pirate's decor wall accent/sculptures. The exclusive Nautical Ship's wheel range is sold solely by Scott handicraft and such quality shall never be found through any other vendor as the product is right out of the factory.

Built of out true solid hardwood(Indian Rosewood), we bring you the best possible craftsmanship with the quality material being used in the reproductions of these beautiful Nautical Ship Wheels.

Being in the Nautical Industry for several decades we have reached a point where we never compromise the quality of Nautical Ship Wheels which we offer to our customers! The Premium Nautical Ship Wheels are the perfect Nautical Art Piece with quality craftsmanship and material! Built with dedication and precision by our experienced Artisans at Prime Decor. The Premium Nautical Ship Wheels make great wall decor and decorative accent for Pirate's Theme Lovers! The Beautiful Hand Crafted Nautical Ship Wheels are going to leave you and you're loved in complete awe and crave for wanting one! The Nautical Ship Wheels do seem better in person as you are able to fee and grasp the quality and material! The Exclusive Nautical Wall Decor is easy to hang on a wall as the needed supplies are attached to the product itself!

Wall mounting hooks and screws are supplied. The exclusive range widens from Clocks and Mirrors through Photo Frames (Photographic Frames). Keep Exploring Prime Decor for impressive and lovely Decor! I'm sure you will find something for yourself and your loved ones!

Exclusive by Scott Handicraft.

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