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Product Description:

The Vikings were a group of seafaring warriors who invaded and colonised many areas of Europe from the eighth to the 11th century. They travelled in longboats to regions where they could trade and raid, settling in places including Britain, Iceland and North America. Although the Vikings were called ‘Danes’ by the people of Britain, they originated from Norway and Sweden as well as Denmark. Their kings and warlords – including Svein Forkbeard, Ivar the Boneless and Erik Bloodaxe – are today known for their remarkable names and matching reputations

Legartha the shieldmaiden Viking shield with battle worn finish.
Made from wood planks given a textured and weathered battle worn finish.
Diameter measures 30”  Shield boss is 7.5 inch round 12 gauge hammer forged steel and the rim is 6 oz leather hand tooled and painted to simulate forged iron with blackened brass nails.
Each shield is handmade and may vary slightly from the texture and appearance from photos above.



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