MF Doom Gladiator Mask real steel by Scott Handicraft’s.

$120 $199

MF DOOM, iconic masked hip-hop style Mask Tribute to Daniel Dumile MF Doom!

It is a handmade mask with fine precision

Medieval Steel Gladiator FACE MASK Hand Forged Mf Doom Daniel Dumile Mask Hand Made Mask this mask features great style and attitude! Also great for any fan of hip-hop artist Daniel Dumile MF Doom, as this is the mask he wears when performing.

Overall Length: 9.75 inches

Width: 8.25 inches

Material: 18 Gauge Steel

Includes: 2 pre-fitted Adjustable Leather Straps - Top & Back

Size : standard size, fits almost all adults Unisex

This mask is full-size and fully wearable. The fully adjustable leather straps ensure a comfortable fit and make wearing this breeze. Inspired by the armor worn by gladiators battling in the great arena of Rome,

Ideal for Re-enactment, Role-play, SCA etc.

Can be used a decoration art piece, Home or Office Décor Tribute to MF Doom!

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