Roman Gladiator Maximus Helmet - Black

$369 $479

It Is A Handmade Helmet with Fine Precision

Retell the heroic days of Gladiator Maximus from your own home.
This handmade gladiator helmet is forged with utmost precision using mild steel to bring out a sheen that represents Maximus's gladiatorial combat as a Carthaginian.
The strategically placed spikes on top of the helmet give this home decor an aura of authenticity that will give life to any interior.

Holding this mighty helmet is a complimentary wooden stand made precisely to add to the overall value of such a captivating work of art. The dark mahogany shine of the wood combined with the helmet silver finish makes this a piece of art you'll want at the centre of any room.

Fully wearable, you'll find yourself transported back in time when you put on this helmet as the crowd screams your name from their seats at the colosseum.


Material: Premium Quality Mild Steel & genuine leather
Finish:  Black
Weight: 3.74 lbs (1.70 kg) Approx

Detailed Features:
• Handmade to perfection
• Awe-inspiring details
Fully wearable & adjustable with leather straps
• Ideal for Re-enactment, Role-play, SCA etc.
Can be used as Collectible, Decoration art piece, Home or Office Decor
Comes with a FREE wooden stand (up to $49 USD)

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