Nautical Marine Tripod Telescope 18’’ by Scott handicrafts.

$269 $369

It is a Handcrafted Tripod Telescope with fine precision.

18" Shiny brass barrel telescope with wooden tripod stand nautical decor piece

Brass Telescope With Adjustable Wooden Tripod Stand.
This telescope has an extra small barrel on the upper level.
The focus is adjusted by rotating the threaded section near the eyepiece.
The length of the main barrel is 18 inches,
All work is done fully Hand Made.
Good piece for Collection/Decor 

Material: Brass & Wood
Magnification: 30x Approx
Telescope Finish: Shiny Brass Finish
Tripod Finish: Shiny Brass with Wooden Polish
Total Weight:1.750 kg approx

Office Decorative
Room Decorative
Home Decorative


Exclusive by Scott handicraft. 

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