Great Achilles, Trojan Warrior - Troy Helmet

$389 $469

Great Achilles, Trojan Warrior - Troy Helmet Replica

Authentic replica of fabled Greek helmet with premium true antique finish.               

Troy's Achilles Helmet comes with authentic wooden display stand.

Premium quality with leather head liners & adjustable straps
Fully wearable prop costume helmet, Halloween Costume

Metal Used : 16-gauge hard steel , Inner Leather straps

Finish : Antique Finish
Dimensions - Inner Diameter : Front to back 9" inches
Ear to Ear : 8" inches
circumference : 26.69" 

Weight: 2.8Kg  (5.5 Lbs approx)

Wooden Stand (Base) : Rose Wood (Cherry/Black color) 

Purpose : Collectible, Home/office Decor, Prop costume helmet or Halloween Costume etc.                         

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